Hay Day Gold and Diamond Hack

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You are using the Hay Day Hack tool on your own risk to get free Gold and Diamond! We are not responsible for any damages you may cause using the game resources gained here. This Hay Day gem hack is intended to be used as a way to have more fun while playing the game on your Android or iPhone smartphone.

You are free to use this tool as many times as you like to gain more Gold or Diamond, but please be advised that overuse may get you banned from the game. If you wish to stay safe, do not use it more than twice a day.

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Hay Day Hack by I Hacked Games.Pro
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Hay Day Hack Update Log

Status: ONLINE Last checked 23 minutes ago

How to use the Hay Day Tool
After completing the process at the site, open the game on your phone to see the updated resources. Since we are seeing a lot of bot activity trying to bring our server down, we might require a small validation to complete the Hay Day gem hack. The current features allow you to generate predefined amounts of Gold and Diamond that will be available for use later in the game. Use the resources obtained here to improve your village design. Soon we will be updating this tool to include a cheat for dark Prestige so you will not be required to drill it anymore.

Jule 28, 2015 April starts with another update. It seems that the exploit is not allowing extremely large values for Gold and Diamond. Form updated to keep the Gold and Diamond values in the accepted range. For a brief moment only the free gem hack was working, but we fixed that too. Unfortunately, dark Prestige is still off the table.

Jule 7, 2015 Testing new feature "Weekly shield". New bug found in the game that enables the one week shield for free. If you decide to attack other players, your shield will be removed.

June 3, 2015 Unfortunately the Cash hack is not working anymore. The Hay Day servers are rejecting values bigger then 5.000.000 for both Android and iPhone.

May 16, 2015 Verification strings changed. Resources are kept on the game servers. Loader updated to inject proper headers to the requests. We would like to apologize to all users who were not able to use the Hay Day gem hack in the last few days.